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Updated 1 week ago

The singletrack mountain bike trails are not open. It is important to avoid damage at this time as it is quite wet and soft. We are looking forward to a grand opening in June, watch for updates coming soon.

Mountain Bike Trails Project

Timberland Hills Foundation, Inc. (THF) has partnered with One Track Mind (OTM) Foundation, and expanded their land-use agreement with Burnett County, to develop a destination-quality single-track mountain bike trail system at Timberland Hills Recreation Area, near Cumberland, Wisconsin. The partnership between OTM and THF will bring at least 25 miles, and potentially more mileage in future phases, of progression-oriented single-track trails to Timberland Hills, a naturally rolling 2,300-acre forest that sits at the intersection of Burnett, Barron and Washburn counties in western Wisconsin only two hours from both the Twin Cities and Duluth.

The Trail System

The looped trail system will feature approximately 4 miles of All Abilities (green) trails, 13 miles of Exploration (blue) trails, and 8 miles of Adventure (black) trails, along with a skills-development Bike Playground near the trailhead and Gravity Zones with exhilarating descents for riders of all abilities. The partnership between OTM and THF ensures that construction of the trail system will be completed over the next three to five years, with a final estimated cost of over $2 million.

THF and OTM worked with Dirt Candy Designs, based in Grand Marais, MN, to develop the initial conceptual trail design, with Kay-Linn Enterprises joining the partnership to manage and further develop the project. The trail system will highlight the Timberland Hills landscape while expanding recreational uses throughout the summer and fall months with a diverse suite of trails that appeal to mountain bikers of all abilities and interests. Our plan is to create:

OTM has partnered with Pathfinder Builders and Dirt Candy Designs to build the first phase of the project this summer and fall, from early August through early November. Phase 1 will include the All-Abilities trails, the Blue connector to the Gravity Zones, and the northeastern Advanced loop. Construction in future phases will take place in late summer and fall 2024, 2025 and 2026, with the potential for additional trails in later phases.

Thanks to amazing collaboration and seed support from OTM, along with future support from THF donors and the community, Timberland Hills—already home to a beloved cross country ski trail system and a beautiful segment of the Ice Age Trail—will become a unique year-round recreational destination with an incredible modern single-track riding experience. “We don’t often get to support the development an entire mountain bike trail system from scratch on a canvas as extraordinary as Timberland Hills, with its rolling topography, hardwood expanses and natural lake-country beauty,” said Tracy Paradise, CEO and President of OTM. “This trail system will be a true destination for all riders, abilities and anyone who just loves to be on their two wheels.”

“We’re ecstatic to partner with One Track Mind on the next chapter for Timberland Hills,” said Erik Lindseth, a THF director who is leading the Mountain Bike Trail project. “We have long imagined mountain bike trails at Timberland Hills, but OTM’s support helps make it a reality.” Louis Muench, President of THF, added, “Our collaboration with OTM, Burnett County, and the trail designers and builders allows us to build upon our legacy of winter skiing to create an outstanding year-round outdoor recreation area for all.”